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In my pants

Posted by lanktank on May 7, 2009

Found a funny…. been around for awhile but so so good. Quite a catchy song too. I just know it’s going to be stuck in my head at the most inappropriate of times, for example, a presentation for my boss or an exam, which I haven’t studied for anyway and need all the concentration I can get…

There was a response to this. I’ve posted it below. Pretty funny, but the first is the funniest. If you can only download one because of bandwidth issues (wank wank Telkom) then go with the top one.

One Response to “In my pants”

  1. C-Dawg said

    I love the Lonely Island guys; check out their album:

    Classics include:
    Lazy Sunday, Natalie’s Rap, Dick in a Box, I’m on a boat… to name but a few.

    Some of the originals are still available on youtube; watch out for the rubbish spoofs though.

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