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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Christian Bale

Posted by lanktank on May 14, 2009

An LT pick

I can’t help myself, I love him. I know there’s the whole, “he may have beat up his mother and sister” saga and let’s not forget the Terminator tantrum. But come on, he’s Batman!

And he’s hot. I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed. I’d be afraid, yes, but wouldn’t kick him out.

christian-baleNote: How I get the friendliest looking picture I can find


2 Responses to “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Christian Bale”

  1. Luwie said

    Ok, but seriously, what is the deal with Batman?!? Is it just me or does he have no super-powers? He’s just got cool gadgets. Nothing super-hero about him in fact. And that mask, must be a hassle… I reckon he has trouble breathing with that thing on… well when he’s eating, cos obviously when he’s not eating, he can just breathe though his mouth.

    And the cape? Maybe it helps him with softer landings and stuff, maybe? But I bet it gets caught on stuff all the times when he’s running…

    Obviously his outfit is nowhere as impractical as He-Man’s but that’s a whole different post…

  2. Mike said

    For many years I’ve had a theory that some women interpret abuse as love… Okay, having him in your bed may not necessarily be love 😉

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