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Anybody else? #8

Posted by lanktank on May 15, 2009

Anybody else’s eye ever get so itchy that they actually consider scratching their eyeball? You never do, of course, but the thought crosses your mind…

Anybody else ever think about the bunny from ConAir?

Anybody else still have Easter Eggs from Easter?

Anybody else actually get Easter Eggs at Easter?

Anybody else ever wonder what it would be like if  Britney and Justin gave it another go of things?

Anybody else feeling the chill?

Anybody else seen that ad on TV – Talk for free on WEEEEEKENDSSSSSSS!! But like between midnight and 5am right? If that’s not encouraging The Booty Call and Drunk and Dialling, I don’t know what is.

Happy Vrydag bafundi!

One Response to “Anybody else? #8”

  1. C-Dawg said

    I just remember the bunny wanting to get out of that box & stretch his little bunny legs for a bit.

    I’ve moved on past Easter eggs; it’s all about hot cross buns now baby! Sadly, I’ve had to wean myself off them. Now I gotta wait till next year. 😦

    What would they be called… Bustin’ or Britin ?
    Sadly, I don’t those 2 will ever be able to bring the sexy time back.

    Yeah, I’m also feeling chilly… and no, I’m not talking about one of the 7 dwarves (or little people, as they prefer to be called).

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