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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Patrick Dempsey

Posted by Girl Next Door on May 20, 2009

A GND pick

I’m alive darlings! I know I know, it’s hard to believe that little old me actually made it to London in one piece.
But lets get straight to the highlight: So I’m waiting for this bus and this guy walks up behind me and asks if he
should be catching this particular bus (asking me, of all people, I’m the one walking around with a map book glued
to my hand).

So I’m about to give him the ‘I’m really sorry I don’t know, I just arrived a week ago’ story, I turn
around, and there’s Patrick Dempsey. Ok maybe not the real Patrick Dempsey but sweet baby Jesus it must have been
his super hot younger twin. Of course I swiftly told him that this absolutely was the correct bus to be catching and
why doesn’t he sit with me and I’ll show him where to get off (haha, see what I did there? Bit much?).
Anyway, I haven’t stopped thinking about him, so obviously I’ve downloaded hundreds of photos of him, so here is
one for you special people!

Random fact for the day: He was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 12 and as a result, he is forced to memorize all his
lines in order to perform. I know, right? What a genius!


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Anyone got deo?

Posted by lanktank on May 20, 2009

So I possibly made a social faux pas the other day at work. I was having one of those days where I’d put a lot of layers of clothing on because I hate being cold and in the morning you can never tell how the weather is going to pan out.

Unfortunately once I arrived to the office, I couldn’t get the clothing to heater temperature ratio right. With my jacket on and the temperature in the office as it was, I was too hot. However, with the jacket off and just my long-sleeve tee and v-neck on, I was too cold. Dilemma.

I decided to leave the jacket on, until the point where I began to perspire… just a smidgen, nothing horrendous, but at that moment, I would take the jacket off.

Feeling just a little aware of the fact that this is a little strange, I turned to the work colleague next to me and quietly asked, “Hey, do you by any chance have some deo I could use?” (I thought, everything should be fine, but just in case, let me put on some protection…anti-perspirant protection.)

Work colleague next to me responds (a little louder than I’d hoped): What do you want?

LT(eh-hem, at a low murmur): Deodorant… do you have any?

Work Colleague: Na, sorry –

And before I could interject, this is what ensued…

Work Colleague (to the rest of the 17 people I work with): Hey guys! Anyone got deo for LT? She’s feeling a little stinky over here.

Before I could even blush, the amount of pithy remarks spewing out people’s mouths was already at an overwhelming rate.

Now every time I walk past someone, they hold their breath, or say things like, “Anyone seen LT?” “Uh ya, can’t you smell, she’s right behind you?”

Great! You feel a little self conscious one time…. and I’m stuck with this forever.

Suppose it will only be a matter of time until I resign now…

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