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Sneezing like a…

Posted by lanktank on June 1, 2009


and a mofo.

Allergies, allergies and did I mention allergies? WWHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

And the little pills I used to take (those purple tablets that looked like M & M’s – those were the bomb!) have now been deemed “prescribed drugs” so I can’t even get those anymore. I can’t believe they were taken off the “straight off the shelf” market. Apparently it was something to do with them being “addictive” and part of an ingredient to make tik! Please, I took those things every day and not only did I not sneeze but they made me feel good too. What’s so wrong with that? Sure, if I didn’t take them I’d feel even worse than before but hello? That’s only if I didn’t take them. So what exactly is the problem?

Anyway, they are gone and now I have nothing. I went to the pharmacy yesterday and he gave me stuff you use if you’re allergic to cats. I tried to tell him that I didn’t own cats but this didn’t seem to interest him.

I’ve been taking them…and as expected they haven’t helped much, except during the Bulls/Chiefs final, while sitting in a bar, and LT decides to pass out on DMeister’s shoulder for an hour.


I’m off to go stick tissues up my noise…sick, did I just say that? Yes, I did.

Word…to ya mutha.

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