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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Scott Speedman

Posted by lanktank on June 3, 2009

An LT Pick

Seriously, I think this guy is hot.

For the less “TV buffed” among us, he first came onto our screens, starring as Ben in the teen drama series, Felicity.

Let’s be honest, he was the only thing that made that show bearable most of the time. Although if a channel brought the repeats back, I wouldn’t totally watch it! Hint hint, nudge, wink. Has anyone ever done all three of those when they are attempting to be subtle? Surely, a hint, nudge and wink all in one go is not subtle at all? A gentle nod would probably be better.

But let’s get back onto the point: Scott – More recently than Felicity days, he was also the Werewolf in the Underworld movies and his latest film being The Strangers, co-starring Liv Tyler.

The man has great hair, a too cute smile and looks awesome in a checked shirt. Need I say more?


3 Responses to “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Scott Speedman”

  1. Luwie said

    LT… you won’t win with this… on looks alone, he can’t win the poll… espec not with that pic. Part of his charm is his quiet, unassuming manner. But er, I never watched that Felicity rubbish… ok maybe I did, but it was nowhere near as good as Jack and Jill.

    Again, I feel I have revealed too much.

  2. C-Dawg said

    Man, Jack & Jill was awesome. I always loved the Peet.
    I can’t believe they canned it after 2 seasons.

    Felicity looked like some rubbish programme about a chick who was always complaining about being stuck in a love triangle.

    That’s so typical! I’d be so stoked if two hot babes were fighting over me.

    This Scott guy looks quiet and unassuming in kind of lumberjack way. He does have great hair though; I’ll bet he conditions regularly….

  3. Skaaptjop said

    What’s he hiding behind his back? Is he a shoplifter? Did he just kill a puppy?

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