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Anyone needing Tattoo ideas?

Posted by lanktank on June 4, 2009

I found this website, in a kind of obscure way. I have a twitter account, and check it, well, perhaps not as often as I should. Anyways, one of the people I follow is Rainn Wilson (from The (US) Office). Tonight I happened to browse the Twitter community and saw he had posted a link to this blog.

The link I’m sharing with you isn’t the same link Rainn Wilson shared with all his Twitter followers but it’s from the same blog and author. His one was 11 Worst Songs Of All Time.

Mine is: 33 Tattoo’s I’m NOT Going to Get. Some of it was a little disturbing but I dunno, it cracked me up and it’s still totally worth checking out.

Do it….do it….do……it.

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