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Eskom: Thinking smart…

Posted by lanktank on June 9, 2009

For once.

Fakeme sent this to me… you’ve probably all seen it but I still think it’s post worthy. Remember the days of all the cut outs… damn! Don’t want to go jinxing it!

Don’t mention the power! I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it…

Eskom… don’t screw us again…please… And 24, season 7 has just come back (Mnet Action channel), so it’s really not a good time…



7 Responses to “Eskom: Thinking smart…”

  1. Jimbo said

    do u wana know how season 7 ends?

  2. LT said

    You wouldn’t dare…
    Seriously, don’t.

  3. Jimbo said

    or i can give it to you?!
    got the whole season at home.
    it just finished in the States

  4. Kappie said

    Haha. You gonna ‘give it’ to her, Jimbo?
    High 5!

  5. Jimbo said

    you know it!

  6. LT said

    shut up

  7. Jimbo said

    after a roofie or 2 she will agree!

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