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I’d tap that – Christina Aguilera

Posted by lanktank on June 18, 2009

A Kappie pick

This week is Christina Aguilera’s turn. Overdue in my view. She may have a baby now, but did you see what the pregnancy did to her…chest? Some serious high 5 material there. She’s also getting better at changing her look than Madonna. And to top it all off you can abbreviate her name in a cool way like Xtina and depending on how little she’s wearing XXXtina. Pretty cool right?



6 Responses to “I’d tap that – Christina Aguilera”

  1. DMeister said

    Xtina is wearing the latest in handkerchief? Not too many people wearing those nowdays.

  2. Luwie said

    Nice choice… who will ever forget the Dirty music video… amongst the finest videos of its generation.

    And then came Candyman. Seriously, that little blue outfit… ok, I can’t stand up for the next few minutes…

  3. C-Dawg said

    Did we ever find out where all her piercings are?

  4. Kappie said

    Idon’t know where all her piercings are, but at our next lanktank meeting that’s ALL we’ll be discussing.

  5. Luwie said

    Lanktank meetings?? That’s quite hardcore… my aim in life is to one day crack an invite to one of these meetings…

  6. Kappie said

    Tell you what Luwie. Bring XXXtina to the meeting and you’re welcome to join.

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