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Update on a not so eventful life…

Posted by lanktank on June 29, 2009

That would be my life…

DMeister has a mutant mosquito in his room (in winter!!) and it attacked my face, shoulder, shin and finger! Do you know how frustrating it is to have an itchy bite on your finger? You can’t scratch it properly. It either hurts too much or it’s completely numb.

MJ is dead, so is Farrah Fawcett. How many Michael Jackson songs have you heard since Friday morning? I think I’m on 38.

Bafana didn’t win to Spain, but what a game. How was that free kick to equalise to 2-2?

The Boks played a great game against the Lions….and by great, I mean we won! IN YOUR FACE LIONS! Too harsh?

I lost my favourite hair clip.

I ate dodgy calamari before going to see Star Trek. I actually wanted to see Transformers but it was sold out. Star Trek was cool, worth a watch for sure.

It’s probably the first sunny day we’ve had in 3 weeks and I’m sitting in my room with nothing to do.


Marvelous, now I’m talking like Yoda… officially losing my mind.

I’d like to apologise for this possibly being the worst post I have ever published. (Yes, there have been worse posts written but not published).

Maybe Will Ferrell will cheer us up:

One Response to “Update on a not so eventful life…”

  1. Luwie said

    No, you’ve def written worse.

    I swear, one more MJ song and I’ll shoot myself! Has anyone noticed that there is always like 40 kids in every one of his music videos? How did we not pick up on this earlier?

    Even when she was 60, I’d still have tapped Fawcett. Get it? No?!? Tough crowd.

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