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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Benjamin Mckenzie

Posted by lanktank on July 2, 2009

Oh yes, it’s Ryan from the O.C. And don’t pretend like you don’t know what the O.C. is…back in the day, we all had a little gander at it. The Coopers and The Cohen’s: Oh what a tangled web they all weaved!

I must say I was pretty late coming to the party with this show and only caught it on the re-runs when it came on SABC. (So you can imagine how old it was by then!) I became so hooked with season 1, that I had to go out and rent the DVD’s to watch season 2. However, I had to call it quits after that because I knew it had started to take over my life, when Fakeme would walk through the door and I’d grab her by the arm and say, “It’s Ryan…and Marissa. I don’t think they’re gonna make it!”

She’d make me put down the remote and go to sleep.

But I always loved Ryan the most. Yes, Seth was the cute, funny guy (who I would usually prefer) but there was something about Ryan. His intense looks and “rough” background won me over hands down. Except he did like to punch people a lot, which was a little concerning.

I suppose one day I’ll tackle the rest of the seasons again…one day.

Meanwhile, since the O.C. days are over, Benjamin Mckenzie has moved on to a series called, “Southland.” Some info on the show: “From Emmy Award winners John Wells, Ann Biderman and Chris Chulack comes a raw and authentic look at a police unit in Los Angeles. From the beaches of Malibu to the streets of East Los Angeles, “Southland” is a fast-moving drama that will take viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families.”

Anyways, I’ve almost forgotten this is A Guy I Wouldn’t Kick Out Of Bed segment… so with no further ado, the picture:

ben M

Look how cute and worried he looks…sweet!

One Response to “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Benjamin Mckenzie”

  1. Luwie said

    Fail. I hope that’s just a bad pic.

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