The Lank Tank

Why so serious?

How do you say, different?

Posted by lanktank on July 5, 2009

Well hello there my little friends! And my slightly overweight friends and my freakishly tall friends and my dickhead friends.

As you may have noticed the “tank” is looking a little, how do you say, different. I’m not french… I don’t know why I said, “how do you say” before I said the word. Of course I know the word. I’m English (not British – let’s clear that right up) but my native tongue is English. I knew which word I was going to use, I knew perfectly well.

Let’s get back on the point shall we? The site will be going through some changes and will do so for a little while before reaching its makeover finale.

Please bear with moi during this process…

But unfortunately for you, I’ll still be here! Blogging away! Along with the others too…. blog, blog, blogging.

OK, I will not say the word “blog” again… Damn it! OK that was the last time. No more….must not say blllllll…….0000

One Response to “How do you say, different?”

  1. C-Dawg said

    I think you should rewrite this for a more dramatic effect:
    “Please bare with moi during this process…”

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