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June polls are up

Posted by lanktank on July 8, 2009

And the voting begins again…

So go to the Take Your Pick page to cast your vote and let’s see who will be triumphant for June.

The competition is stiff so it’s game on:

I’d tap that – Will it be the foreign model, the “genie in a bottle” singer, perhaps the Italian soccer show presenter or will it be JT’s girlfriend?

Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – It’s between the guy that made Felicity good, the South American, “I don’t go mainstream” actor, the Swedish footballer with the big, eh-hem ,tattoo or the once teen heartthrob from the O.C?

You decide.

There can be, only one.

One Response to “June polls are up”

  1. C-Dawg said

    Nobody had anything to say about Jessica; is my taste in women so far off the mark these days?!
    What’s next, do I get relegated to having to choose blokes with GND and LT?

    I can’t do it I tell you – I won’t!

    Although, the criteria seems easy, choose a guy with a sock in his underwear.
    Geez, even we don’t choose chicks with socks in their underwear.
    Specifically their bra – it’s be really weird if they put a sock anywhere else…

    Once again, I’m just going to end this monologue…

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