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Unnecessary quotes

Posted by lanktank on July 13, 2009

I do it as well, but I’m joking when I do it…OK?

This is a gem find:

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To do in your office

Posted by lanktank on July 13, 2009

Things to do in the office when you’re bored and the internet has been banned:

•    Paint your nails and toenails with Tippex.

•    Convince a colleague to let you tattoo them with the permanent marker.

•    Charades – but no one can get out of their desk chairs.

•    Minesweeper.

•    Paper plane competition.

•    Practice your signature on scrap paper… and if there is anyone you want to marry, you can practice what your signature would be like with your new surname.

•    Draw a picture of fairyland.

•    Treasure hunt!

•    Write your will in Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to convert to PDF afterwards.

•    Offer to make everyone tea in the office and go around collecting everyone’s mugs before turning around, smashing all the cups on the floor and declaring; “Psych!”

•    Become the human shredder.

•    Poetry – I’d suggest a sonnet, or haiku.

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