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I’d tap that – Eliza Dushku

Posted by lanktank on July 15, 2009

A Kappie pick
Who can forget this flipping, flopping and jumping anti-cheerleader, who then becomes a cheerleader in ‘Bring it on’?
From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one…who’d I’d want to see in a nudie flick. Except the next time I saw her it was in some movie with some freaky hill-billies chasing her in some forest. Was still good seeing her. Then I believe she did some Tru Calling and now I haven’t seen her again. Come back Eliza!!!!


5 Responses to “I’d tap that – Eliza Dushku”

  1. Luwie said

    That might be one of the finest pictures of anyone ever…

    Kappie, my vote is secured.

  2. Kappie said

    Why thank you, Luwie. Hope it serves you well:)

  3. C-Dawg said

    She dropped her contact lens.
    So I told her it’s easier to find it if you’re only wearing your underwear and heels.

  4. Nick said

    Amazing! she’s in a series called dollhouse now. worth a look.

    would vote if i could work out how

  5. LT said

    Click on the TAKE YOUR PICK tab at the top of the page. The poll is there 🙂

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