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LT Away – New Rules

Posted by Laurence on July 20, 2009


LT is away and she’s left me in charge. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. So, for the next few weeks there are going to be some new rules as I try to raise the level a bit around here.:

1) Subject matter: I was thinking that we don’t have enough discussion here about the global financial crisis, international politics, fine arts or 19th century Russian literature. Feel free to contribute any material on the above for consideration by emailing lanktankstuff (at) gmail (dot) com, or put your suggestions in the comments;

2) Comment policy: No lewdness. Complete sentences only. No text message style shortening of “wrds”. The aim here is for a level and tone of dialogue equal to say that of an academic seminar, a parliamentary committee meeting, or a court hearing. Comments that add to the post and discussion will be retained; comments that detract from the level and/or tone will be deleted.

3) Comment policy on weekly “Guys I wouldnt kick out of bed” and  “I’d tap that”: Please keep it clean, Jimbo. We are here to celebrate beauty, there is no need to be coarse.

4) Fun: Everyone is invited to have fun!

Please feel free to comment on the new rules in the comments. But note that the rules start now.

yours sincerely,


5 Responses to “LT Away – New Rules”

  1. Kappie said

    Dear First
    I invite YOU to have fun. I even double dare you.
    Regards, Kappie

  2. Captain Awesome said

    i think thats a gr8 idea.

  3. FirstChild said

    Kappie, I have a lot of responsibility being assistant blog administrator. Or was it assistant to the blog administrator? Anyway, same difference.

  4. C-Dawg said

    Guys, I don’t know… perhaps we should give First a chance.
    I mean, LT is always telling us how he’s the more successful one in the family; it’s probably for good reason.

    I find him a bit pretentious too, but things have been a bit slack around here of late.
    I think it’s important to stay current. People coming to our blog want to know that we’re in touch with the world around us.
    Otherwise is just looks like we’re regurgitating some observational humour from Seinfeld re-runs.

    I really do have to agree about dropping all SMS-lingo. Grammar and spelling were invented for a reason. We’re not limited to characters, so express yourselves – relish in the magnificence of the English language.

    Rules are important. Without them your life is meaningless and unstructured. I used to be like that until I discovered OCD. Now I no longer need to be worried about making decision, I simply let my OCD decide for me.

    This is a long-winded way of saying that I’m willing to give First a chance. Change is as good as a holiday…

  5. mo said

    I feel you must have a very inflated idea of the tone of a parliamentary committee meeting if that is what you have as a benchmark!Normally there is quite a lot of snoozing happening and not much else.

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