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Road trippin’ baby!

Posted by lanktank on July 20, 2009

So I’m away.

Then how did I type this you ask? Well, it’s called pre-planning. A concept I’ve only recently become familiar with. But isn’t the internet nifty? (Yes, I said nifty, and yes, I’m under the age of 55). I can schedule things in advance! So at this very moment, even though you are only reading this now, I am actually already in Coffee Bay, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol! Yes, I’m aware it’s only 9 in the morning. It’s called vacation putas!

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that I want you to know that while I’m away The Lank Tank will still continue to bring you all the not so important stories and information of the world. It may not be as frequent but there will be something new nearly every day!

I will be back in the beginning of August, so don’t leave me!!! Keep checking, keep commenting and keep coming back!!

Am I sounding desperate?

I don’t care!!!


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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Naveen Andrews

Posted by lanktank on July 16, 2009

An LT pick

It’s Sayid from Lost!

Yes, I’m still watching that show. And Sayid is one of the reasons for it. I love this guy and he is yummy!

I think it’s because he plays like this hardcore assassin and torturer, which let’s face it, in real life, would be way too much for me to handle. Imagine dating an assassin; OK more than likely you wouldn’t know he was an assassin but then there’d be the trust issues: “Honey, why are you only home at 3 in the morning? Working late? Again?”

It would all be a bit too stressful for me. Oh yes, and the fact that he’s murdering people…illegal.

But in fiction…. it’s totally a turn on.



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Anyone else? #10

Posted by lanktank on July 16, 2009

Anyone else have a fly in their office that they can’t kill? Sorry, I mean, let out of the window?

Anyone else think the SARS e-Filing website is the bomb?

Anyone else still watching the TV series Lost, or is it just me and my dad?

Anyone else ever thought about dipping their face in a bowl of melted chocolate (but it’s not hot, just warm)?

Anyone else thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long.
And wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong…”

Anyone else drinking excessive amounts of tea at work in order to pass the time?

Anyone else starting to really enjoy every single industry you can think of striking? Again?

Anyone else know the group who sang that song, 3 “Anyone else’s” up?

Anyone else tried the new Milo cereal? Their Grrrrrreat! No, that’s the wrong cereal brand.

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I’d tap that – Eliza Dushku

Posted by lanktank on July 15, 2009

A Kappie pick
Who can forget this flipping, flopping and jumping anti-cheerleader, who then becomes a cheerleader in ‘Bring it on’?
From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one…who’d I’d want to see in a nudie flick. Except the next time I saw her it was in some movie with some freaky hill-billies chasing her in some forest. Was still good seeing her. Then I believe she did some Tru Calling and now I haven’t seen her again. Come back Eliza!!!!


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In your head

Posted by lanktank on July 15, 2009

Shot through the heart

And you’re to blame

Darling, you give love a bad name!!!

BA BA (Drums)

Guitar solo: Da naa na na na na na naaaa. Da naa na na naaaa X2

If I have to have it stuck in my head all day, you do too.

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Harry Potter – I Don’t Get It

Posted by Carl Schutte on July 14, 2009

Let me just start by saying that I’m not a fan of the Harry Potter franchise.

I have no intention of reading the books, as I feel that there is a strong likelihood of them being as boring as the movies.

I had not seen a single Harry Potter movie until 2007. My friends kept going on about how great they were and how I absolutely had to watch them.

I’d held out long enough, hoping for the hype to die down. Could it be that this Harry Potter nonsense actually has some substance?!

So I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was rubbish. Let the magic begin. More like let the wasted hours of my life begin. A movie about a bunch of toddlers doing stupid levitation spells. Yawn.

OK, it’s supposed to get better. So, I press on to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now they proceed to add a stupid character called Dobby, who is only mildly less annoying than Jar Jar Binks. I can’t even remember what this one was about; I’m guessing some secretive chamber. I’m sorry but including a flying car is not enough to get you nominated for an award – not as far as I’m concerned.

Now I’m promised that the movies become darker; that this childish fantasy will come to an end. Time to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This movie did give me some hope. There did appear to be a step towards a darker more adult theme. Let’s just take a moment to mention the tag line: “Something wicked this way comes.” Did they bring in master Yoda to write that for them? (Yes, I made another Star Wars reference!) I remember them including some more interesting creatures like griffins and werewolves. Let’s put this one down as the best one to date. Still, it’s not a classic by a long-shot. Also, I’m not even sure who the prisoner was… Read the rest of this entry »

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Unnecessary quotes

Posted by lanktank on July 13, 2009

I do it as well, but I’m joking when I do it…OK?

This is a gem find:

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To do in your office

Posted by lanktank on July 13, 2009

Things to do in the office when you’re bored and the internet has been banned:

•    Paint your nails and toenails with Tippex.

•    Convince a colleague to let you tattoo them with the permanent marker.

•    Charades – but no one can get out of their desk chairs.

•    Minesweeper.

•    Paper plane competition.

•    Practice your signature on scrap paper… and if there is anyone you want to marry, you can practice what your signature would be like with your new surname.

•    Draw a picture of fairyland.

•    Treasure hunt!

•    Write your will in Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to convert to PDF afterwards.

•    Offer to make everyone tea in the office and go around collecting everyone’s mugs before turning around, smashing all the cups on the floor and declaring; “Psych!”

•    Become the human shredder.

•    Poetry – I’d suggest a sonnet, or haiku.

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Robert Downey Jnr

Posted by lanktank on July 10, 2009

The Lawyer pick

So Friend from Jo’burg, we’ll call her ‘The Lawyer’ was down again this week. Yes, I have other friends. So I asked her to pick a Guy She Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed…

“Robert Downey Jnr”… was her pick.

“Because first he’d sniff coke off my body, then he’d f@ck me…” was her reason.

Double bonus!

Good thing this blog isn’t PG. My mother also really likes him – I hope to God it’s not for the same reasons.

Here’s the picture…. he is pretty bed worthy.


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I’d tap that – Olivia Wilde

Posted by DMeister on July 9, 2009

Another I’d tap that.

Today’s lucky lady is Olivia Wilde. She’s 25, Lives in New York and currently acts in “House”. (In case you were wondering were you’ve seen here berfore?)

Other than that there’s not that much to tell. She was also in the OC, amongst other things and will be in the new Jack Black and Micheal Cera movie “Year One”. And that’s about enough information, I’m sure that no one cares too much.

So here’s the picture enjoy!


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