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Reality Stars – Remember them?

Posted by lanktank on August 5, 2009

To be honest, I don’t really watch reality shows anymore, but remember about 8 years ago when reality TV became “all the rage” – I was watching these series every week just like everybody else.

And for some strange reason, every now and again, some of the contestants from these shows will pop into my head and I wonder how they’re doing. I’m not sure why but I do…. but since they’re not famous or on my TV anymore, I guess I’ll never know.

Here are the people, for better or worse, I’ll never forget… anybody recall them too?

Bad Brad from Big Brother SA Season 1 – Didn’t he start a political party shortly after his release from the BB house? What’s he doing now? This is what I wonder. Goodness he was a knob. And didn’t Leigh like him? They would all get hammered in the house and Brad would turn psycho and no one knew how to deal with him. Good times.

Zack from The Amazing Race Season 3 – What a great guy he was and what a biyatch his partner Flo was. I remember being in such a conundrum because I wanted Zach to win the million dollars so badly but also couldn’t stand the thought of Flo getting half the money. He won in the end (I say “he” because Flo really did fack all) and I think also realised the error of his ways with pursuing Flo. I hope he is happy and with a girl who really appreciates him.

Colleen and Greg from Survivor USA Season 1 – How cute were these two? Colleen was adorable and Greg was not only funny but by far the best survivor. He totally should have won. We all wanted them to hook up but they never did. Did they try and date after the show? Were they soul mates? Who knows?

Jonathan Ross from Project Fame – There was only one season of this series unfortunately. I actually rather liked this show – my cousins, FirstChild, the whole family got into this one…but I think we may have been the only ones in the country. To be honest I didn’t actually remember this guy… I Googled. Turns out, he’s not known as Jonathan Ross anymore, but rather “Nathan Ro” which I feel is a little pretentious – changing his name because he’s becoming this “big star” even though I have no idea where he is or what he’s done. I remember he really liked this girl in the house but she totally wasn’t into him and then there was this other girl that liked him but he didn’t like her. Quite the triangle.

OK, I just Googled further – he’s in a band named Lonehill Estate – Are they still around? Ooh, wait a minute… yup, I don’t care.

Darius from UK Pop Idols season 1 – Remember he was the “cheesy” one? I kinda liked him but I think it was because he was the underdog but ended up coming third! I remember I went to England shortly after that season of Pop Idols ended and Darius had a single, “Colour Blind” out. But that’s the last I recall of him. It’s a shame.


4 Responses to “Reality Stars – Remember them?”

  1. FirstChild said

    I saw “Chicago” in London a few years ago. Darius played the Richard Gere part. It was awesome.

  2. Luwie said

    THis is all gold. I remember all of them except the Project Fame guy…

    Darius was the cheesiest guy ever. And no, Greg and Colleen never dated, they both went back home to opposite sides of the US. One of my life ambitions is still to marry Colleen. She should def feature as a I’d Tap That nominee.

    Jesus, that Flo chick was a bitch! I agree, I hope Zach is happy wherever he is…

  3. FirstChild said

    I think I once say Leigh at the Engen garage on main road at about 3am. We were both getting pies.

  4. C-Dawg said

    Was Flo that totally abusive chick? She would constantly remind Zach what a useless piece of shit he is.

    I see Ferdinand Rabie at trance parties quite often – he’s always wrecked!

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