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Obnoxious Groundhog

Posted by Carl Schutte on August 12, 2009

OK, I know what you’re all thinking… not another animal clip after that whole parrot thing.

Well, I’m sitting here studying for a Corporate Finance exam and I stumbled across this clip and it just cracked me up.

If you’re having a stressful day at work then you have to give this a watch. In fact, it reminds me of that all time classic Badger Badger Badger.

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Classics vs. Moments of Insanity

Posted by lanktank on August 12, 2009

Remember the songs that took the world by storm. I’m not talking about your average number one that spent a couple of weeks on the billboards. I’m talking about the songs that we all went mental over!

I’ve been pondering over a few and as I reflect, I feel that with some of the songs, we were justified in playing them over and over and over again. They were/are Classics.

But then there were the ones that we’re all guilty of listening to and when I think back on it now…really, what were we thinking? These were our Moments of Insanity.

Here’s my list…what do you think?


Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Hey Ya – Outkast
Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
Yeah – Usher
Hit Me Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
In Da Club – 50 Cent
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
Jump Around – House Of Pain
Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio
Rehab – Amy Winehouse
Sandstorm – Darude

Moments of Insanity:

Macarena – Los Del Rio
The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup
Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega
Blue – Eiffel 65
Umbrella – Rhianna
Kriss Kross – Jump
Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred
Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex
Who Let the Dogs out – Baha Men

On the Fence (I can’t decide):

Wannabee – Spice Girls
My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
YMCA – Village People
500 Miles – Proclaimers
“MMMBop” – Hanson

Anymore? What do you guys think? Have I categorised appropriately?

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