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Obnoxious Groundhog

Posted by Carl Schutte on August 12, 2009

OK, I know what you’re all thinking… not another animal clip after that whole parrot thing.

Well, I’m sitting here studying for a Corporate Finance exam and I stumbled across this clip and it just cracked me up.

If you’re having a stressful day at work then you have to give this a watch. In fact, it reminds me of that all time classic Badger Badger Badger.

3 Responses to “Obnoxious Groundhog”

  1. FirstChild said

    sweet lord.

  2. LT said

    I know, he’s vetoed.

  3. C-Dawg said

    Oh come on – this is brilliant.
    I actually it was Ricky Gervais talking; it’s just the kind of gag he would do.


    I just watched it again & it’s still funny the 3rd time.
    My favourite part is where he realises it’s not actually Alan.

    I don’t know why you guys don’t finding talking animals funny.

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