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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Adrian Grenier

Posted by lanktank on August 13, 2009

A GND pick

Right, before we get started I’d just like to clarify that this is a GND pick, not an LT one which I’m sure you’re used to by now. I hear you saying ‘who’s GND?’ ‘didn’t she die, like, a year ago?’… okay okay I get it, I’ve been useless to the say the least. You know I love you though darling, and I think about you every day. Like today for example, I saw this picture and I knew you’d love it. You do hey?


After being forced into hibernation until my first pay cheque arrived, I decided to watch every single season of Entourage. What a show. After getting over the fact that I can’t actually be Vincent Chase, I decided I would marry him instead. Our people are talking… it’s only a matter of time now until he realises I’m the one.


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