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Remember the classics – Vaseline Intensive Care

Posted by lanktank on August 24, 2009

“Sometimes your skin is so dry…”

Come on, say it with me:

“You can actually write on the word… DRY.”

Simple but effective.

And since then we’ve all had those dry skin days and found ourselves scribbling the word “Dry” onto our forearm with our nail. And it’s from that Advert. And we all remember and then we all laugh.

Once the lady lathers herself in cream, she tries to write it on her arm again but guess what? She can’t! Because her skin is all lovely and moisturized. Amazing!

And what’s even more astounding, is that I don’t remember the middle-aged woman in the advert ever mentioning Vaseline… but somehow I just know that it is.

Now that’s a classic.

One Response to “Remember the classics – Vaseline Intensive Care”

  1. C-Dawg said

    Yes, but you could rub motor oil on your arm and you also wouldn’t be able to write the word dry.
    That doesn’t make lathering up with motor oil a good idea.

    I think it would’ve been more impressive if she wrote the word impoverished on her arm – then I might be inclined to think that there’s a problem.

    But dry, come on – it’s only 3 letters – a 3 letter dry patch on your skin is hardly a reason to start panicking.

    And while we’re on the topic, what is up with women and all this moisture loss? Were you all mermaids living under the sea with infinite amounts of moisture around you?!

    I moisturise after shaving, but that’s because I’ve just rubbed a blade all over my face.

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