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Anyone else? #12

Posted by lanktank on September 1, 2009

Anyone else completely lost their watch tan?

Anyone else going to The Killers concert in December?

Anyone else ever decided to get into shape (and are dead serious about it) after you’ve just stuffed your face with a chocolate? But of course, this is only when you’re really, really full.

Anyone else miss Roswell?

Anyone else feel like a chocolate? Bar One? Tex? No, Tempo! Or Aero Mint.

Anyone else hate typing the word “necessary” ?

Anyone else’s mother hate it when they wear a jacket indoors? It’s like, I’m cold and this jacket keeps me warm – what’s the problem?

Anyone else ready for Summer?


5 Responses to “Anyone else? #12”

  1. C-Dawg said

    Still got the tan, but I’ve lost the watch – does that count?

    I am so psyched for the Killers. I’d probably only be more excited if A-ha or Keane were coming to SA, but the Killers are definitely in my top 5.

    That’s similar to people who get annoyed when you eat breakfast cereal in the afternoon.
    I often have a bowl of oats at work when I feel that late afternoon slump.
    It seems to really freak a lot of people out though.
    “How can you eat breakfast now?!”
    It’s all food – it’s not like my digestive system is suddenly going to start going in reverse.

    I’m thinking Summer is a bit of a tease.
    It’s like she started revealing a bit of herself last week.
    So, I get all excited and pluck up the courage to go talk to her this week.
    Then she just covers up and is all cold towards me.
    Geez – talk about mixed signals…

  2. Luwie said

    A-Ha? Ok, James Morrison is a coming awfully close to the line, and James Blunt was over line. But A-Ha? From where you are, the line’s a dot!

  3. C-Dawg said

    … only the greatest 80s synth-pop band ever!

  4. C-Dawg said

    omg I just found out that a-ha have a new album.
    Luwie, my man – I owe you a drink!

  5. Luwie said

    Sweet moses…

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