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Flag Memories

Posted by lanktank on September 8, 2009

Last week, the family went out for dinner as a sort of farewell to FirstChild as he returneth to The Big Apple. And during the many of the intellectual discussions we had throughout the course of the dinner, (“What are the different types of pasta’s?” – “Peter Sellers funny voices” – “The Office UK vs. The Office US” and “Will Robbie the dog live forever?”) FirstChild reminded me that I used to be the Flag Monitor during 9th grade in high school.

I had to pause for a second and let the memory come flooding back. Yes, it was true. I had been Flag Monitor for a year. For those of you who are unaware of a Flag Monitor’s duty, it involves attaching and then hoisting the South African flag up the pole in front of the school building every morning and then taking it down again every day after school.

I had done this for a year and yet somehow had completely forgotten. A year! A year, of walking to the office, making lame ass chit chat with the secretaries, picking up the flag, tying the required knots and then pulling it all the way to the top. Only to take it down again and fold it in that “special” folding technique, thereby making it easy to use again the next day.
How did I get involved in something like this? Who had made me do it? I assume it must have been a punishment of sorts as this was something I doubt I would have volunteered for, considering that throughout my entire high school career I volunteered for not much more than pencil.

I’m just surprised I had not remembered I’d ever done it. It’s funny how things just disappear from your mind until something or someone triggers a memory and suddenly it all comes flooding back. Like, how I used to make excuses for being late in the morning because I was having “flag issues” or how my one friend and I used to bet who couldn’t take their textbook out during an entire lesson before the teacher noticed, and then kicked us out. Or, in summer how everyone ate Orange Maid ice lollies, or that time I tripped on stage in front of the whole school and fell flat on my face….

Some memories are better left in the vault.

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Random Things

Posted by lanktank on September 8, 2009

District 9 had a budget of $30 million and was awesome. G.I. Joe had a budget of $175 million and was shit. This is one of those moments where you could say, “Money isn’t everything.”

Who would you rather be? Nicholas Cage in Conair or John Travolta in Face Off?

How many phones have you lost/dropped/broken so far in your life? Me: Four. I’m not proud.

Go and vote on the TAKE YOUR PICK PAGE!!!  Do it now, and then you can come back and finish reading this oh so stimulating blog post.

Why do people say “no offense” before they say something offensive and then get cross with you when you are, inevitably offended?

It’s meant to be spring yet we’re having worse weather than we did in winter. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Remember that show; 2 Guys a girl and a pizza place? Ah, Ryan Reynolds.

I’ve only just recently taken up singing in the shower.

If you had to own one as a pet, would you rather keep a penguin or an ostrich?

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