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I’d tap that – Pamela Anderson

Posted by lanktank on September 18, 2009

A Kappie pick

Personally I don’t know how we missed this one. I mean how can you have a weekly hottie and not have the busty blonde babe who all guys at some point in their lives have thought to themselves…”What I would do to those two.”

So without further time wastage, please sit down before embarrassing yourself and feast your eyes on the one and only with her famous assets, Pamela Anderson.


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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Daniel Carter

Posted by lanktank on September 18, 2009

A Luwie pick

So sticking with the sports theme and this month I have opted for Daniel Carter… A New Zealand legend in the making. Voted the sexiest male in NZ in 2004 and 2005, he has also been named E! Entertainment’s 11th sexiest male celebrity. Some may worry that I have opted for someone who handles balls so well and has had the odd run-in with hookers but there’s no doubting it, none of us would turn down being Deeeeenyil Caaaaaaartaaaa for a day.


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Posted by lanktank on September 17, 2009

This has been a pitiful week I know. Apologies, but sometimes we have these weeks… the lack of inspiration, the lack of social life…. normalcy: so comforting yet disappointing at the same time.

I found these clips…yes clips. No funny anecdotes today I’m afraid. I’m not sure how old these videos are, possibly extremely old, and here I am showing you “for the first time” when really you’re thinking, “Come on LT, I saw this when internet first came out!”

Anyway, they’re called the Urban Ninja… it didn’t make me outright laugh, (yes, I’ll tell the truth) but I did find it amusing and quite funny never the less. I’m putting up Urban Ninja 1 and 2. I think 2 might be better, but 1 sets it all up….

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The Evolution of Man

Posted by Carl Schutte on September 16, 2009

I sort of felt that I had to share this one.

Outside my office we have a 24hr security desk. The guys work really long 10 hour shifts just sitting at that desk with very little to do.

So, the powers that be amongst the office thought of something nice we could do for them. Ideas were bounced around and we decided to put one of our old computers outside for them.

Something basic, without any internet connectivity, but running MS Office. The idea was that these guys could learn to use the computer and start using some basic office applications for their own benefit. So, we organised and the guys were over the moon.

They initially started playing around in Windows, then started using MS Office.

After that they got a bit bored of things, so they organised a few basic games.

Where previously I would arrive/leave and be greeted in a friendly manner, now they barely look away from the screen.

The guys working the long night shift also started watching the occasional movie. Hey, I don’t blame them – what else are you supposed to do at 03:00 in the morning?!

However, things have recently taken a turn for the worse. I’ve noticed that when I walk to the bathroom, the computer screen has been strategically turned so that nobody can see what they’re watching. Also, where they previously used the external speakers provided, they’re now using headphones. I’ve since learned that they are now in fact watching porn.

Amazing how an idea with such good intentions always ends in illegal porn.

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July Winners and August Polls

Posted by lanktank on September 15, 2009

Aloha! I know, why am I saying hello in Hawaiian when I’m not in Hawaii? Exactly, my point exactly.

I was in the shops and the lady in front of me said Aloha to the teller, then preceded to be very bossy in her demands… but very clearly was not from Hawaii herself. It bugged me… I’m not sure why.

Moving on….

The winners of the July polls…. for the first time since the inception of “I’d tap that,” the winner, with 100% of the vote nogal! A Mr Kappie! He has taken the month with his pick of Eliza Dushku… Well done Kappie.

And for the Guy We Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed – The hot model I just googled….Brett Novak! I think that was in the bag really…. the man is insanely hot.

Congrats to all but the challenge for August is now on… polls are up on the “Take Your Pick” page, so get a clicking! There can be…only one…..”Here we are…born to be free, we’re the princes of the universe…..”

(I miss that show)

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Zach and Charlize

Posted by lanktank on September 14, 2009

It’s called Between Two Ferns and it’s an interview show with Zach Galifinakis on the Funny or Die website. Serious Gold. So awkward you can’t help but laugh while cringing at the same time…. you also keep wondering if it’s scripted… I mean it has to be…right?

His latest interviewee was Charlize Theron….since she’s from SA (or whatever), I thought I’d post the link.

I tried to embed the video but I couldn’t…ok!! I’m having a day….

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Mystery Movies

Posted by lanktank on September 14, 2009

There are some movies that, although are not particularly remarkable, we still watch. It’s not a great film, it’s more of an OK film but somehow, it’s still a movie I find myself watching and enjoying. Or at least remembering that I did enjoy it.

Or maybe they’re just the movies that are always on TV….

Face Off
The Cutting Edge (this is a classic though, I don’t think it should really be on this list… personally)
Save the Last Dance
The Mighty Ducks (first movie)
Coyote Ugly
Center stage
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Look Who’s Talking

Ok, I’m out, it’s Sunday night, I’m struggling…. what have you got?

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I’d tap that – Jennifer Ellison

Posted by DMeister on September 11, 2009

She’s an actress, glamour model, television personality, dancer and singer. Just to mention a few things off the top of my head (or Wikipedia).
I’ve never seen her act, sing or dance but I do know that she’s hot and that’s all that really matters…Isn’t it?
Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison

Just looking at the picture you can see that there’s more to her than just her “Acting”

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Zipper and stuff

Posted by Carl Schutte on September 10, 2009


Seems like these two siblings could both teach each other a valuable lesson.


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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Stephen Moyer

Posted by lanktank on September 10, 2009

So it is my new programme of the month – True Blood is like the coolest thing ever! Yes, it’s about vampires but before you roll your eyes and go, not another Twilight wannabee piece of shite…. this is so not that. Take every stereotype you thought you had of vampires and throw it out because True Blood is the exact opposite.

Set in modern times, China has come out with a synthetic drink, called “True Blood” which satisfies all a vampires needs without them having to kill humans. So, vampires are now starting to come out of the, eh-hem coffins, and demand rights just like everyone else… but of course, not every vampire wants it this way…

It’s also rather X-Rated… so we see blood, sex, fangs, murders and it’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, Stephen Moyer, plays Vampire Bill in this show and he is dreamy! I mean, I realise he’s dead and all that, but he’s the gentleman vampire, trying to change the error of his ways and mainstream among regular folk!

If you’ve seen the show, you’d love him too:


Anyway, so maybe it’s because I’m

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