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I’d tap that – Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Posted by lanktank on October 30, 2009

A Kappie pick

This week I decided to look locally for a gorgeous girl. And as luck would have it, while I was waiting in traffic this morning a furniture truck drove past me with the answer. It’s of course Lee-Ann Liebenberg. Rumours are she’s single again too…SHOTGUN!


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It was an accident

Posted by lanktank on October 29, 2009

Killer link… so silly, yet so funny.

Why do we all love a penis joke? Or an accidental dong joke…to be specific.

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Kiefer Sutherland

Posted by lanktank on October 28, 2009

I’ve always had a thing for Kiefer Sutherland – I’ve had a crush on him since forever but I suppose it only really turned into true love when I started watching 24.

You don’t get much manlier than Jack Bauer. If I was stuck in a sealed box, covered with explosive artillery, in the middle of God knows where, surrounded by terrorists, guns and barbed wire, but, Jack Bauer was with me, I wouldn’t even stress. In fact, I’d catch a few winks in the box while he talks to Chloe, Re: escape route, and just ask him to; “Wake me up when it’s time to get out of here.”

Although, to be fair, not many of the leading ladies in Jack’s life seem to make it… to the next season… if you know what I mean.

Regardless, the man is hot! And Kiefer seems super cool. Like he used to be in the rodeo and has a cool dad, and gets into fights with people to defend his friends. That kind of stuff.

When I asked my father if he would approve of my and Kiefer’s love – he said; “Kiefer, you can date – Jack Bauer you cannot.”

Fair enough.


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Parents were awesome

Posted by lanktank on October 27, 2009

Here’s a website dedicated to pictures of your parents when they were awesome. It’s kinda funny and cool to check out, however I’m not sure exactly why. Some pictures are frightful though, and I’m thinking; “If that was the most awesome they were, how dorky are they now?”

Worth a browse if you’re bored at work… which is always! Am I right? Come on, don’t leave me hanging. High five?

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Anyone else #14

Posted by lanktank on October 26, 2009

Anyone else think Thursdays are always the longest day of the week?

Anyone else happy that summer is back baby!

Anyone else secretly excited that the new Twilight movie’s coming out soon?

Anyone else ever wondered why chunky guys wear super skinny jeans? You can’t be fat and emo. It doesn’t work like that.

Anyone else have exams this week, two in fact, one after the other?

Anyone else feel like their life is just slipping away from them and you’re falling down a black hole but there’s no end -you just keep falling and falling and falling, never able to stop? (Me neither).

Anyone else feel like a nectarine?

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I’d tap that – Silk Spectre II

Posted by DMeister on October 23, 2009

After watching “The Watchmen” the other day I realized that Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman) has never made the I’d tap that list. And I’d like to apologize about that…Sorry.

I’m dedicating the picture to her character in The Watchmen, seeing as this is the way I want to remember her.

She’s everything a guy can ever want. She wears a Latex costume (Well to be honest more like half a costume, but nothing wrong with that), she’s super sexy and she’s a superhero.

Ah, Silk Spectre, we salute you!



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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Ed Westwick

Posted by lanktank on October 22, 2009

A pick by Luwie

So I was shopping around for the Guy I Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed which led me to asking a woman with exceptional taste in guys (my girlfriend) who she thought was hot. Without hesitation, she said Chuck Bass. Having never watched Gossip Girl myself, I returned a blank stare before she filled me on the character… So Ed Westwick, which is his real name, is my choice this week. Apparently he is quirky good-looking… which is supposedly better than generic good-looking.

Anyway, latest reports in the news suggest he is getting chubby… which is about the only thing I have in common with him. Otherwise I know nothing about this guy…


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Notorious Nathi, watcha gonna do?

Posted by DMeister on October 21, 2009

I’ve finally worked it out. I was always wondering why anyone would want to become a police officer. At least in South Africa.

I can imagine being a cop in some small American town where you know everyone’s names and the worst thing you’re going to face is a little old lady who needs to do some road crossing. Well until some serial killer moves to town (But no one’s going to expect a small town cop to sort that out – they’ll get Horatio in for that dilemma)

Anyway back to my story, being a cop in South Africa comes with a certain amount of disadvantages; those being, well, pretty much everything. And then at the end of a month which you’ve spent running away from criminals, being shot and shouted at; you get a little bit of money. I’m not sure how much but I’m pretty sure it’s a little?

But now I’ve finally seen why people do it and it’s all because of one man. One man inspiring the entire police force. And that man is Nathi Mthethwa (Minister of police) He’s like the gangster rapper of ministers. Driving expensive cars, staying in expensive hotels. I mean R235,000 for 14 days in a hotel. I know a whole lot of people that want that life and not just police. Pretty much everyone I know.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nathi Mthethwa. Thanks for inspiring people to be what you are, where you are. You lead from the front.

Maybe you should start a career as a rapper, buy a boat and drink Hennessey from the bottle (not that I’m generalising). You can even change your name to Notorious Nathi, word!

Go Nathi, it's your birthday

Notorious Nathi

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Remember The Classics – Doom

Posted by lanktank on October 20, 2009

In the spirit of mosquitoes, bugs all creatures that prevented me from getting any sleep last night – During my hours of awaked-ness, I had a vivid memory of the old Doom advert they used to play on TV.

The one with the cowboy in Mexico… well, who knows where he actually was, but it was somewhere, seriously warm and desert-like. And I think he was wearing a poncho. Maybe that’s where I get the “Mexico” idea from. Is he also wearing a sombrero? I thought it was a cowboy hat?

Anyway, he’s sitting on the ground, leaning against some wooden shop. His head is titled down, and all you can see is his hat and little cigar. He’s trying to get some rest after a hard day’s work of horse-riding I presume. There’s not a breath of wind in the air and it’s almost completely silent, until the sound of a buzzing fly becomes almost unbearable.

Suddenly he launches up, draws a can of Doom out of his poncho and begins spraying the fly, with all the anger, intensity and concentration you’ve ever seen in your life.

He was pissed… and he showed that fly who was boss.

It was sooo cool.

It was a Doom advert hey?

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Attack of the mozzies!

Posted by lanktank on October 19, 2009

Has anyone else noticed the mutation of mosquitoes lately? They’re enormous! And when they fly past I’m pretty sure I can hear them screaming abusive insults at me… “I’m coming to eat you later! And it’s going to be on your face so it’ll be real embarrassing at work! Biyatch!” or… “Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and exercise! Biyatch!” and also… “That top you’re wearing looks stupid! Biyatch!”

I’m telling you, mosquitoes are mutating, into bigger, smarter, meaner creatures and even more annoying than we could ever imagine.

I hate them… I hate them so much. And they sense this… that’s why they’re coming for me first.

Take care all, and Godspeed.

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