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Not at all

Posted by lanktank on October 1, 2009

My passport is about to expire. So I went into a chemist last night to see if they take passport photos as I have been informed by Home Affairs that I will be needing two.

I walked into the pharmacy and asked whether they perhaps offered the service of taking passport photo’s as I know many of them do. To which she replied, “No.”

I began to reply, “Oh, ok, Thanks anywa-” but before I could finish she cut me off and said, “Not at all!” – As if to reiterate her point of “no.”

Yes, I got that, thanks. I understand what “no” means, believe it or not. And it’s not even like I can work with “no.” What did she think I was going to say… “Ah, come on, not even a little? You don’t maybe take like half a passport photo? What about a third? Come on, give me a quarter of a passport photo and it doesn’t even have to be in colour! Please!!!”

This has clearly bugged me more than it should. But some people need be hit over the head, just because. I feel she could be one of those people.

One Response to “Not at all”

  1. Luwie said

    Nice… I laughed out loud at this.

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