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Notorious Nathi, watcha gonna do?

Posted by DMeister on October 21, 2009

I’ve finally worked it out. I was always wondering why anyone would want to become a police officer. At least in South Africa.

I can imagine being a cop in some small American town where you know everyone’s names and the worst thing you’re going to face is a little old lady who needs to do some road crossing. Well until some serial killer moves to town (But no one’s going to expect a small town cop to sort that out – they’ll get Horatio in for that dilemma)

Anyway back to my story, being a cop in South Africa comes with a certain amount of disadvantages; those being, well, pretty much everything. And then at the end of a month which you’ve spent running away from criminals, being shot and shouted at; you get a little bit of money. I’m not sure how much but I’m pretty sure it’s a little?

But now I’ve finally seen why people do it and it’s all because of one man. One man inspiring the entire police force. And that man is Nathi Mthethwa (Minister of police) He’s like the gangster rapper of ministers. Driving expensive cars, staying in expensive hotels. I mean R235,000 for 14 days in a hotel. I know a whole lot of people that want that life and not just police. Pretty much everyone I know.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nathi Mthethwa. Thanks for inspiring people to be what you are, where you are. You lead from the front.

Maybe you should start a career as a rapper, buy a boat and drink Hennessey from the bottle (not that I’m generalising). You can even change your name to Notorious Nathi, word!

Go Nathi, it's your birthday

Notorious Nathi

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