The Lank Tank

Why so serious?

Things one prefers not to endure when hung-over:

Posted by lanktank on November 9, 2009


The noise of a vacuum cleaner

Steri Stumpie – it seems like a good idea… until it begins curdling in your stomach

The smell of tequila

The taste of tequila

The word “tequila”


The distance from your bedroom to the bathroom… “Why don’t they build the toilet right next the bed??”

The dentist – for you and him both.

Friend calling to recapture every event and moment of the previous night.

Parents calling to ask why they never see you anymore and what you’re doing… with regards to your life.

Riding on horseback

Clubbing seals

Listening to Justin Timberlake

Brushing your hair

Singing in the shower

Oil spills in the Atlantic

Any movie by Disney

Ok so; some of these aren’t necessarily “hangover” specific. But I needed to fill the page.

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