The Lank Tank

Why so serious?


Global Warming. The Middle East. Nuclear Proliferation. The Lank Tank discusses none of these. Instead it focuses on the real issues of our time: Why do Abba songs always get stuck in your head, when did Francois Steyn get so hot, and why does Guy With Really Bad BO always insist on standing right next to you in the queue while Home Affairs Lady with Moustache takes her sweet time.

The Lank Tank is populated by the PartyGuy, the Cappers Girl, Mr Overachiever, the Man’s Man and Nice Guy who Always Comes Last. And of course Ms LT herself who observes and chronicles this madness around her.

Read it, Link to it, FaceBook it, Tell your Gran about it (she’s not on FB).

The Lank Tank: Why so Serious?

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. kyle said

    one suggestion. mayb u cld have a comment box at the end of each article so ppl can share their views bout it?
    also wot’s ur stance on porn on ur site?:)
    (wow, that smiley face really does let u say anythin n not feel bad, thanks for the tip)

  2. Carl said

    I support the comments suggestion. While I think your articles are decent, with my comments they could really reach the next level. Did somebody say book deal?!

  3. Clinton said

    I’m thinking Kyle and Carl and I (should there have been 2 “and’s”?) should start our own blog site, and trash talk this one.

    Although, having said that… and no doubt it’d be a hit with people who actually read blogs… it does seem like a lot of effort…
    I think i’ll just comment on here. Let the silly banter begin

  4. first child said

    This blog suffers from a shortage of stories about me. the parentals would not be happy.

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