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Posted by lanktank on December 28, 2009

I’ve seen a lot of look-a-likeys around Cape Town of late. It’s really quite bizarre/bazaar (I’m never sure which one).

Here are the twin celebrities I’ve run into so far:

1. First person was Kristen Bell – That chick from Veronica Mars and Heroes. Baino has an absurd crush on her. I saw her while stuck in traffic. It was uncanny.

2. The Robert Pattinson look-a-likey. OK, my theory: this dude kind of looks like him, so when Twilight became, you know… mental, girls started paying more attention to him. He caught on, and began to wear his hair like Robert, same style of clothes etc, so he could also find his own Kristen Stewart look-a-like.

3. Katie Holmes chick – This one was insane. I was in the Spar waiting by the salad bar when I turned around and there she was, staring at the menu board. This was insanely alike. She literally is her twin. I must have turned around about 6 times, to the point where she felt uncomfortable. Whatever.

4. Michael K Williams – This guy places Omar in The Wire. However, I’m willing to admit; although they looked similar I think I wanted to see it more than anything else….*sniff*….if only.

Anyways, if you’re still reading this codswollop….. here’s a link for you:

Funniest sketches of the 2000’s… according to this guy…. but there are some serious goodies.

Happy NY!

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Am I…

Posted by lanktank on December 16, 2009

a loser for not knowing half these song?

In fact, don’t answer me. I couldn’t take anymore snark remarks. I mean, I haven’t had any per say but I don’t feel like any at all. I’m already working the whole of December… isn’t that pooey enough? Pooey or Pooie?

Anyways, have a gander…

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Posted by lanktank on December 11, 2009

Is this link. It’s a Luwie find, and if you have the time, or have not been temporarily suspended from the internet at work… what? No, I’m not talking about me… check it out:


Good weekend peeps.

4 Days next week.

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You Aught To Remember

Posted by lanktank on November 16, 2009

It’s a cool blog; quoting: “Counting the 100 trends, fashions, memes, personalities and ideas that shaped the first decade of the 21st Century.”

Check it out… have a gander and a giggle:

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Stuff white people like

Posted by lanktank on November 10, 2009

Luwie found this link. And it has some pretty gold posts.

So, if you have time at work… like those last 55 minutes of the day, when you reeeeally couldn’t be asked to start something else, I mean, hello! The day is practically over! But you need to look at something – check it out:

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Exams are over

Posted by lanktank on November 2, 2009

But my hangover is not.

It was DMeister’s birthday party and he had a little shindig (is that how you spell “shindig?” Am I even saying it right?) at his place.

There was a lethal punch, too much tequilla (I just paused. I need a moment, even just to type the word), beer pong and a very hairy mustache.

Night was awesome…. well, what’s remembered of it anyway.

Kappie and C-Dawg were also there. I remember at the beginning of the night, C-Dawg mentioning that he couldn’t stay late because he had an assignment due… then I also remember hours later being on the same beer pong team as him.

DMeister is still man down… it’s nearly 24 hours later.

Good times.

Something rad for a Monday:


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It was an accident

Posted by lanktank on October 29, 2009

Killer link… so silly, yet so funny.

Why do we all love a penis joke? Or an accidental dong joke…to be specific.

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Parents were awesome

Posted by lanktank on October 27, 2009

Here’s a website dedicated to pictures of your parents when they were awesome. It’s kinda funny and cool to check out, however I’m not sure exactly why. Some pictures are frightful though, and I’m thinking; “If that was the most awesome they were, how dorky are they now?”

Worth a browse if you’re bored at work… which is always! Am I right? Come on, don’t leave me hanging. High five?

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Cricket heroes coming home

Posted by lanktank on September 22, 2009

Maybe I think this article is really, reeeally funny, or maybe it’s because I don’t have anything else to post.

I guess we’ll never know…..

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Zach and Charlize

Posted by lanktank on September 14, 2009

It’s called Between Two Ferns and it’s an interview show with Zach Galifinakis on the Funny or Die website. Serious Gold. So awkward you can’t help but laugh while cringing at the same time…. you also keep wondering if it’s scripted… I mean it has to be…right?

His latest interviewee was Charlize Theron….since she’s from SA (or whatever), I thought I’d post the link.

I tried to embed the video but I couldn’t…ok!! I’m having a day….

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