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Remember The Classics – Sta-soft

Posted by lanktank on June 30, 2009

One of the few adverts where I could find the kid bearable to listen to. You remember the ad; it’s when the little boy told us the 5 reasons why we should buy Sta-soft.

Reason 1 to 3, I couldn’t tell you if my parent’s dog, Robbie’s life depended on it but it was the 4th and 5th reasons that made the advert a classic:

Little Boy: “And four; It’s strong, reeeeally strong!” As he says this he jumps onto the Sta-soft tube and guess what? It doesn’t break!!!  WOW! Unbelievable!

Ok, aside from the fact that I wasn’t aware a great selling point for fabric softener (so great in fact, that it’s labelled the 4th best reason to buy the product) is that the packaging has to be “jumping up and down on it” proof; it was only a 7 year old boy who jumped on it. After we saw that advert, what was the first thing we all wanted to try? Jumping on it! And my friend Jeff did, in the supermarket: One stomp and fabric softener liquid, shot across the entire aisle, leaving all involved a little messy and self-humiliated.

I miss Jeff….A-hole.

Little Boy: “And five! It’s 80% less plastic.”

I don’t know why I remember that point but I do. I think it’s because it came directly after reason four.

Sta-soft: The only fabric softener I can name and it’s because of that ad, ergo, vis-à-vis making it a classic.

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