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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Naveen Andrews

Posted by lanktank on July 16, 2009

An LT pick

It’s Sayid from Lost!

Yes, I’m still watching that show. And Sayid is one of the reasons for it. I love this guy and he is yummy!

I think it’s because he plays like this hardcore assassin and torturer, which let’s face it, in real life, would be way too much for me to handle. Imagine dating an assassin; OK more than likely you wouldn’t know he was an assassin but then there’d be the trust issues: “Honey, why are you only home at 3 in the morning? Working late? Again?”

It would all be a bit too stressful for me. Oh yes, and the fact that he’s murdering people…illegal.

But in fiction…. it’s totally a turn on.



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