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Til I See You Again

Posted by lanktank on January 13, 2010

Dearest Lank Tank Readers…

This time has come to bid farewell.

Unfortunately due to demanding schedules and the pressures of a whole bunch of crap that really I’d prefer not to be doing; The Lank Tank has to go on a hiatus, if you will.

Thank you to all the regular readers – hell, even the sporadic ones! It’s been a blast and hopefully when time and circumstance permits it, we’ll be back.

A few thoughts I’d like to mention before I day cheers:

–          It’s never really as bad as it seems at the time. Unless you’re in a company meeting and shit your pants – then, yes, it is that bad.

–          Turns out, trying Karaoke once, isn’t that humiliating – but don’t make a habit out of it.

–          Don’t speak to people who wear Crocs .

–          If a guy is sms-ing you but never really making an effort to see you – he’s keeping his options open. He doesn’t actually like you.

–          Singing to your bride on your wedding day is lame…always. Unless it’s reeeeeally funny.

–          Never trust a pink giraffe… they’ll take all your money.

–          It’s never ok to listen to pan-flute music… not even “now and then.” (Sorry Gran)

–          You can drink as much as you like on Sundays as long as you’re home by 8.

Keep well, and chat soon!

LT out.

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You Aught To Remember

Posted by lanktank on November 16, 2009

It’s a cool blog; quoting: “Counting the 100 trends, fashions, memes, personalities and ideas that shaped the first decade of the 21st Century.”

Check it out… have a gander and a giggle:

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Stuff white people like

Posted by lanktank on November 10, 2009

Luwie found this link. And it has some pretty gold posts.

So, if you have time at work… like those last 55 minutes of the day, when you reeeeally couldn’t be asked to start something else, I mean, hello! The day is practically over! But you need to look at something – check it out:

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How do you say, different?

Posted by lanktank on July 5, 2009

Well hello there my little friends! And my slightly overweight friends and my freakishly tall friends and my dickhead friends.

As you may have noticed the “tank” is looking a little, how do you say, different. I’m not french… I don’t know why I said, “how do you say” before I said the word. Of course I know the word. I’m English (not British – let’s clear that right up) but my native tongue is English. I knew which word I was going to use, I knew perfectly well.

Let’s get back on the point shall we? The site will be going through some changes and will do so for a little while before reaching its makeover finale.

Please bear with moi during this process…

But unfortunately for you, I’ll still be here! Blogging away! Along with the others too…. blog, blog, blogging.

OK, I will not say the word “blog” again… Damn it! OK that was the last time. No more….must not say blllllll…….0000

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Anyone needing Tattoo ideas?

Posted by lanktank on June 4, 2009

I found this website, in a kind of obscure way. I have a twitter account, and check it, well, perhaps not as often as I should. Anyways, one of the people I follow is Rainn Wilson (from The (US) Office). Tonight I happened to browse the Twitter community and saw he had posted a link to this blog.

The link I’m sharing with you isn’t the same link Rainn Wilson shared with all his Twitter followers but it’s from the same blog and author. His one was 11 Worst Songs Of All Time.

Mine is: 33 Tattoo’s I’m NOT Going to Get. Some of it was a little disturbing but I dunno, it cracked me up and it’s still totally worth checking out.

Do it….do it….do……it.

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