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Remember the classics…or were they?

Posted by lanktank on April 9, 2009

I thought this week I’d mention some Ads, we’re probably looking at late 90’s early 00’s, that I loved but unfortunately have NO IDEA what they were advertising. It’s a pity…to have an advert that’s memorable but not the actual product. So would these be classified as classics? I’m not sure.

The first advert is set in a classroom of children. They all are taking turns saying what they want to be when they grow up. It gets to the one boy and as he stands up he says, “When I grow up I want to be a Pirate.”

The teacher interjects, saying, “Sorry Timmy (or whatever his name was), don’t you mean a Pilot?”

The boy responds defensively, “That’s what I said.” Followed by the entire class, chanting, “That’s what he said!”

What was that advertising? I can’t remember.

And I mean if we’re being honest, he did say Pirate, so I’m not sure whether him and the other kids had just inhaled a couple of grams of tik during lunch or they’re just a bunch of lying swine’s, who weren’t raised properly by their parents but nonetheless I’ll never forget… “That’s what he said!”

Another one which may or may not be classified as “classic” per se…

A couple are having lunch outside a restaurant when the woman see’s a car parked by the pavement and says to her boyfriend, “That’s a nice car.” At this point, Random Man walking past, interrupts, “Nice, nice? A cup of tea is nice. Mrs Robinson who lives across the street is nice…” followed by other things that are nice.

I can’t think of the rest now….if I were to make my own up, I’d say a single daisy blowing in a light breeze is nice, or hugging a small puppy is nice. Also, receiving a surprise sms from an old friend is nice (this never happens to me).

Anyway, then Random Man goes on to describe what the car really is, using words like “magnificent,” “luxurious” and “outstanding.” After he lectures the couple, leaving them stunned, he finishes off by saying… “use it, don’t use it…it’s entirely up to you.”

The reason why the advert was good was the delivery of Random Man’s sentences. The way he said “nice” was genius….”Nice, niiiiice???” And the phrase, “use it, don’t use it” is something I’ve heard many of us, S.A.’s say throughout the years… in the same tone and bantering manner as Random Man did in this very advert, all those years ago.

But… what car they were advertising?

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