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Seinfeld reunion baby! Sorta…

Posted by lanktank on September 29, 2009

They’re back! Well back together on one set at least! The entire cast of Seinfeld will be in season 7 of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm – trying to put a Seinfeld Reunion Show together… but there are some hiccups.

It’s a genius idea.

It’s going to awesome and I can not wait! Here are some sneak previews…

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And the cast is off…finally

Posted by lanktank on May 21, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Recently the Kapster has been out of action due to a fracture in my right arm. The crew, not being sympathetic, all asked the same two questions: “Did you hurt it by paying ‘special’ attention to yourself?” Or, “How do you pay ‘special’ attention to yourself now with your sore arm?” Except they’re not using the words, “special attention.”

Ridiculous I know. It’s like that’s the only thing on their minds…but it’s not, because the same two questions came up time and time again from other people too. Even people I didn’t even particularly know. The world has gone ‘special attention’ mad I tell you!

If that wasn’t bad enough some people even asked me to clap, high 5 or shake hands. It’s a good thing hearing the same old joke doesn’t get boring…

I did manage to work it to my advantage though to a certain extent. While visiting a bar I’d try to catch the eye of some girls and see if they would come up and ask what happened to my arm. Hooked a couple with these lines, “Well, I had to fight off a man-eating tiger and its two cubs from trying to maul some kids.”,”Hurt it back in Nam.” And my favourite, only to be used on drunk girls, “Aliens abducted me and fitted a new bionic arm to me that has given me special powers of seduction.” Okay, so that last one only worked once…maybe.

Anyway, cast is off and now I’m left with a skinny arm. The comments continue, “Oh, better start paying some ‘special’ attention to yourself to build up that arm again.” “Bet you’re glad now that you can start paying ‘special’ attention to yourself again.” One guy passed me on the street and whispered, “Can I have your old cast?” Mad I tell you! Besides, Jimbo and I have already turned it into a beer funnel. Once you get passed the smell and bits of hair, it’s really not that bad. Maybe don’t tell Jimbo about where I got that new funnel just yet.

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