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The Oldies, Goodies & Uglies

Posted by lanktank on June 2, 2009

Obviously the fact that I’m no longer child makes me biased to the argument that I feel the shows I watched as a wee lass were WAY better than the programme kids have today.

Gummy Bears, Masters of the Universe, ThunderCats, My Little Pony: I could go on and on and on!

So I will:

Pumpkin Patch, Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Road Runner (Meep Meep!), Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip ‘n Dale, Pinki and the Brain, Magic School Bus, Ducktales and of course, who could forget BRAVE STAR!!!

Eye of the hawk, Ears of a wolf,

Strength of a bear, speed of a Puma! Puma! Puma!

The graphics were sketchy I’ll admit and if I watched them now, perhaps I wouldn’t share the same love for them as I did but at least they had plots and story lines and even some decent humour.

But the thought I really wanted to share was those shows that we all watched but look back on now and have no idea why. OK, I know why: For lack of any other channels. But still, when I look back on it all now…. I’m ashamed, and by George, you should be too….

Alf – what the hell was this? Even at the young age I was, I KNEW it was just a guy in a suit. He wasn’t an alien, he wasn’t from outta-space. He was a frikken’ Chewbacca wannabee, with crappy one liners and a shitty, corkscrew nose.

Step By Step – Two airhead people decide to get remarried and bring their equally moronic children together under one roof to form one big, not-so-happy (but really they were) family. LAME, SHITE, CRAP! And remember the intro when they’re on that roller coaster? Unfortunately, I do.

Cedric The Crow – OK, so I didn’t hate this one but the fact that it was all just a rouse to get us to eat dried fruit, really is a little pathetic, isn’t it? I don’t care how cool Feather Foot Farm looked, I’m not eating Safari’s Apricot squares because Cedric told me to!

And the worst of them all……

Zet – Jesus I hated this programme. I hated it so much. Even when I was watching it I knew how much I hated it and yet, I continued to watch it. I’ll never know why and I’ll always have to live with that. Zet didn’t even speak a language! He literally mumbled and whined and said things like, “bakjfbghekbgfkbv bskgbsk aslkr;seri;ancl waaaalfgj” – This was Zet’s form of communication and only that lady could understand what he was saying. What did Zet even teach us? Was there any wisdom to his translations? And remember when he got a girlfriend – what was her name again? Oh yes, the very uninspired, “Zettie,” who looked EXACTLY the same as Zet except that she had a pink bow on her head. I hated her too. 25 minutes of this rubbish and we all sat through it. Again, I am ashamed and it will haunt me for my lifetime.

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