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The Chronicles of Thrash, Metallica and Life as we know it

Posted by lanktank on November 14, 2008

Thrash – He’s a colleague of mine at work. When I arrive in the mornings he’s always the first person in the office. It then becomes just the two of us until about an hour later, when everyone else starts to arrive.

Thrash likes to listen to Thrash Metal. Thrash Metal you ask? Yes, Thrash Metal I tell you. I didn’t know what it was either but it’s everything you think it is (judging it by its genre name) and more. Let me inform you as to how I came know to this.

Once upon a time, I walked into the office and blaring from Thrash’s computer was the sound of what can only described as an animal being painfully executed. Being the “trying to make polite conversation” kind of person I am, I made the mistake of asking, “Hey man, what you listening to?”

This is what followed:

Thrash: Metallica.

LT (Me): Oh, rad, I dig Metallica. I got their Black album.

Thrash: Their Black album is KAK!


LT: Sorry… I also have their Load album.

Thrash: Their Load album? Get the fuck away from and never speak to me again. Read the rest of this entry »

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