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Posted by lanktank on December 18, 2008

Whats uuuuup?

How goes everyone?

A lot of my friends, when they email me, often write the words, ‘WHOOP WHOOP’ after making particular statements. For example, “Only 2 more days until I go on leave… WHOOP WHOOP!” Sometimes, there’s no H, so it’s just, “WOOP WOOP”

I’m not entirely sure what this is about? From what I can gather it means one is excited about something, like WOO HOO! Is this the same thing? Do WHOOP WHOOP and WOO HOO have the same meaning? If so, I’m coming down on the side of WOO HOO. To me it feels more passionate, more expressive and far more emotional! When someone says WOO HOO, I really feel their excitement about getting their drivers license or coming home for Christmas.

Join me in the fight for WOO HOO – don’t let this dying word become extinct!

Anyway, the point of this entry:

One of my favourite sites… oh so funny! Check it out when you have sometime. You know how I feel about it?         WOO HOO!

I think I’ve made my point.

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Taking one day at a time…

Posted by lanktank on November 11, 2008

C-Dawg is my daily G-Talk adversary… If one of us is having a crappy day, we like to make sure the other is too.

C-Dawg: Is it possible that my life has hit rock bottom when I stare at G-talk, just hoping for anybody to email me something… I fear we may have covered this ground b4

Me: Yes, but I think it was me having this breakdown to you. Im glad the coin has flipped. Welcome

C-Dawg: it’s depressing. I just sit & stare at the damn thing, wait for that email number to clock over

but it never does

or it does, but it’s some BS advertising or subscription

Me: I know….or some Superwall post from facebook that you’re never going to check anyway

C-Dawg: well, luckily I don’t have the facebook problem, but I hear ya.

Man, my life feels pretty empty right about now

i need a biscuit or something to cheer me up

Me: i just had a hot cross bun

little bit of butter on it…it was the high-light of my day

C-Dawg: now that wld be exciting

Me: it was….although im still hungry and all I have left is an apple

C-Dawg: well, i just wanted to moan about email

C-Dawg: i’m gonna get back to staring at that little icon

chat soon no doubt

Me: laters

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