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The Last Hour

Posted by lanktank on October 5, 2009

I found this old blog entry that I must have written (by re-reading it) about 3 months ago. It was obviously at the end of the day but then for some reason, I never got around to publishing it.

Due to lack of material… I just ate some fish and chips and I’m feeling a little vile….. I’ve decided to post it now…. even though it’s old and not the end of the day. SO SUE ME!

16h00: Oh look! It’s 16h00, already! That went quick. Some days just fly don’t they…

16h03: Only three minutes passed since I last checked? Hmm, that’s odd.

16h08: Ok, LT, stop looking at the clock. Seriously, the more you look the slower it’s becoming.

16h15: Let’s see what’s on the internet that I’m not blocked from… News…doctor’s strike…News…corruption charges dropped….BORING!

16h18: IMDB: What new movies are out? The New Harry Potter. Remember when Harry did that play in London and you could see his penis.

16h26: Has time physically stopped? For real? Is this what Vanilla Sky was all about?

16h34: Sweet all mighty Moses, Jesus and his pet Lamb! How can it only be 8 minutes later? I have gone to the toilet, washed my hands… twice. Stopped at the vending machine to assess if there was something new they were offering… A new Frito’s flavour perhaps? Maybe they brought Tex back. Alas, nothing new and I have no money to buy anything anyway.

16h37: Walking over to chat to colleague with bag of chips. Maybe he will offer me some.

16h43: He didn’t. It was a long shot. Last time we spoke, it ended in tears… not mine.

16:50: I’m leaving… and I’ll linger by reception until the clock strikes.

hhmm I’m beginning to see why I never posted it. Sorry.

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