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Anyone else #14

Posted by lanktank on October 26, 2009

Anyone else think Thursdays are always the longest day of the week?

Anyone else happy that summer is back baby!

Anyone else secretly excited that the new Twilight movie’s coming out soon?

Anyone else ever wondered why chunky guys wear super skinny jeans? You can’t be fat and emo. It doesn’t work like that.

Anyone else have exams this week, two in fact, one after the other?

Anyone else feel like their life is just slipping away from them and you’re falling down a black hole but there’s no end -you just keep falling and falling and falling, never able to stop? (Me neither).

Anyone else feel like a nectarine?


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Posted by lanktank on May 25, 2009

Anything to avoid the studying… The things I have “needed” to do have been absurd:

1) During chapter 4 of my textbook I suddenly began to wonder, “where on earth is my Prodigy – Fat of the Land C.D?” Let’s forget the fact that I bought it over 10 years ago and haven’t listened to it in about 7 but this suddenly became priority #1. For the next 3 hours I was in my room on my hands and knees scrummaging through old boxes and back of cupboards to find the sacred Prodigy album! For those interested, I found it and listened to it. It was spectacular.

2) I decided to hang that picture frame above my chest of drawers which I’ve been meaning to do for roughly 7 months now. It came out great except for the relatively massive hole I drilled by accident. But like, you can only see it if you take down the picture… which I have now decided I never, ever will.

3) Checking out the old high school year book. Man, I wonder how some of these people are. What are they doing with their lives now? Probably not still trying to get their degree like me…part time… kill me now.

4) YouTube videos – oh wait a minute, no, not that. Because I’m CAPPED!

5) It’s time I learned how to bake bran muffins. All my friends can do this but me. I’m tired of being the ‘left out of the circle’ baker. Looking through recipe books to find the “perfect ingredients” was so excruciating, I gave up and went back to uploading “Prodigy – Fat of the Land” onto my iPod.

Wish me luck!!

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Where did everybody go?

Posted by lanktank on May 13, 2009

Well, I’ve got nothing for you today.

It’s sad, lame and really not your fault either. It’s me… well it’s not me, it’s my “friends…”

GND is in another country and I have not heard a peep since she left. For all I know her visa could have been denied and she’s now stuck on a boat with sheep and geese and on her way to the Colombian border.

DMeister and I are currently not speaking. Something about having cake and eating it too.

FirstChild claims he’s in the middle of exams and apparently they’re “the really important ones.” Uh, ya, over the last 10 years, which have been the non-important ones, because I can’t seem to recall?

C-Dawg is in hiding… something to do with winter blues or women, or blue women. I can’t remember.

And where is Kappie? Kappie! Where are you? AWOL. And I swear to God, if you say Brazil with Marisa Miller, I’ll decapitate your telephone wire nose. I swear to God.

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