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Vote for September

Posted by lanktank on October 16, 2009

OK, so we’re a little late getting these polls up but work, exams, drinking heavily… it’s all taking its toll.

However, they are now there! Click on the Take Your Pick tab and cast your vote!

For the guys, it’s between that famous chick from the UK who I’ve never actually seen in anything, that famous chick from Baywatch, that famous chick from her dad or that famous chick dating Lewis Hamilton.

For the girls, it’s only two this month I’m afraid… but this means your vote will be easy because you’re not spoiled for choice? Right? Maybe? Anyway, it’s between the hot Vampire guy from True Blood… come on, Vampire phenomenon people… or, that really good looking guy that plays rugby… tight shorts and all!

You decide!

Got vote!

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I’d tap that – Pamela Anderson

Posted by lanktank on September 18, 2009

A Kappie pick

Personally I don’t know how we missed this one. I mean how can you have a weekly hottie and not have the busty blonde babe who all guys at some point in their lives have thought to themselves…”What I would do to those two.”

So without further time wastage, please sit down before embarrassing yourself and feast your eyes on the one and only with her famous assets, Pamela Anderson.


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I’d tap that – Adriana Lima

Posted by lanktank on March 12, 2009

This is a Dmeister pick

Today I have chosen a gem: Adriana Lima.

She’s famous because…Well I don’t know why she’s famous. But I’m glad she is because she has now entered my life. Anyway I could go on and on explaining why she’s my choice, but really look at the picture. I think it speaks for itself. Enjoy!


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