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To hide or not to hide…

Posted by lanktank on November 10, 2009

Kappie and I went for lunch the other week. I ordered the chicken mayo sandwich with avo. No tomato. I remember specifically requesting no tomato because I made some joke about it and we all laughed, or at least pretended to laugh.

Then Kappie comes along with his one chicken burger (but with no relish, hold the gherkins, add a slice of cheese and a crispy bun, not the brown seed one and only a half portion of lettuce) order. Blowing my request, right out of the water!

So of course, our meals arrive; Kappie’s is to perfection. Mine however, the understated yet classic  chicken mayo, had tomato.

Now, I’m not one to complain. Ultimately I can just pick the tomato off, no harm no foul. And in the end, I don’t blame the deli; I blame Kappie – with his perplexing, picky, order…confusing people everywhere in the world, all day, every day.

I said as much to him. He didn’t care as he munched away on his idyllic sandwich, smirking as I picked off each tomato slice, almost as if he had calculated it all to go down this way.

As I finished the sandwich, all that was left on the plate was one lettuce leaf (the garnish on the plate vibe) and the 4 massive slices of tomato.

Now, for some reason, I felt bad. The deli guy is lovely and when he comes to take the plates away he’s going to see all the tomato and remember that I asked for no tomato, which will make him feel bad. So I began attempting to hide all the tomato underneath the lettuce leaf. At this point Kappie queried what in world I was doing (although he did say, “world”).

I explained my reasoning to which he counter-argued. He felt that if I left the tomato on the plate but didn’t say anything, they’d see they made the error but think; “How nice is LT that she didn’t say anything. There goes an upstanding citizen.”


To hide the tomato or not to hide the tomato.

For those still reading this, I’ve decided to wrap this up as I’m really going nowhere… So, after much debate, I ended up hiding half and leaving half.

Not too sure what statement that made.

Just putting it out there. Which one would have done?

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Shopping without intent

Posted by lanktank on August 6, 2009

I went to Spar because I needed a quick lunch. I ended up pacing the isles only to buy the following:

1 x Avocado: Because I love Avo’s.

1 x Rye Bread: Well, technically it wasn’t Rye bread but rather contained 50% percent of Rye in it. It was either 50% or 15% but she had already told me twice and I felt too insecure to ask again.

1 x New cereal:
I’ve never seen on the shelves before. I literally cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow so I can try it.

1 x Tin of Soup: I don’t know why. The packaging didn’t even look enticing. Impulse buy – regretted.

1 x Chomp: Because the last place we stayed at on holiday had hippos at the bottom of the river and when we went for a walk we heard one grumble in the bushes and all ran for our lives. But since then, I can’t stop thinking about the Chomp Hippo. Chomp Hippo is far cuter than Real Hippo.

1 x Packet of 6 Mini Cheddars: Remember these? Purely bought because nostalgia of my childhood came flooding back. They were awesome back then! Turns out, not so much now. I ate a packet 7 hours ago and I still can’t get the aftertaste out of my mouth. Every time I breathe I can taste the lingering flavour of bacon cheddar. Not cool. And of course, I’m completely paranoid now about talking to anyone in case they smell my cheddar breath. So I’ve put earphones on and acted moody all day just so no one will come over and talk to me.

Not that they talk to me anyway…

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Diff’rent Tastes

Posted by Carl Schutte on May 19, 2009

This entry was brought to you by C-Dawg

OK, so I haven’t really had that much to complain about lately. I don’t know if it’s due to the cold weather or perhaps there’s something in my water. Either way, I’m not going to question it too much, it seems to have had a positive effect on my karma. Why just today, I bought a coffee machine and got R100 off the price due to somebody putting the wrong price on the box. It’s fantastic when you spot that price that just doesn’t look right – normally you expect the item to be priced higher than the others, but every now & then, somebody on the inside does you a favour and underprices the item. Man, is that feeling sweet! So as I say, my karma’s looking good, so until it turns around, I’m going to try to be a nicer person. You know, ride this thing for all it’s worth & all that jazz. Sadly, today’s post is not all about how I got an awesome coffee machine for R100 less than the RRP…

Something I’ve noticed, but I have never Googled, is how different things taste different depending on what you eat/drink them with. Has anybody else noticed this?

For example drinking coke out of a mug just tastes weird; it really tastes best out of a glass.

Eating yoghurt (or some other dairy product) with a plastic spoon tastes different to eating it with a regular stainless steel spoon. Even just tasting your food off the woodedn spoon while you’re cooking tastes slightly different – which probably doesn’t make it a good idea to season your food based on the wooden spoon taste test.

I’ve never tried drinking tea/coffee out of a glass, but I’d imagine that it might taste strange.

Water boiled in the microwave is different to water boiled in the kettle; it almost seems to foam a bit – not sure if I should be concerned about this.

Obviously beer out of the can tastes markedly different to beer out of the bottle.

What about in high school, when your mom gave you cooldrink in that little lunch box bottle; cooldrink definitely tasted different out of that thing! Did anybody else’s mom try to give them coke for school – what a disaster that turned out to be – you only make that mistake once!

Did anybody else every lick the terminals of a nine-volt (PP3) battery – the rectangular one – when they were a kid? It had this weird electrical-metallic taste. Actually, that battery story probably explains a lot…

Seriously though, is it just me or do these things actually taste different?

Maybe you have some other examples…

I can’t understand it, it must be purely psychological; I can’t believe that we’re actually ingesting small bits of mug or spoon when we eat things.

It also doesn’t seem plausible that there’s a reaction occuring, resulting in some sort of molecular reorganisation.

Anyway, let me know. C-Dawg over & out!

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Anyone else? #7

Posted by lanktank on May 4, 2009

Anyone else petrified to go back to a 5 day week?

Anyone else’s internet giving them problems?

Anyone else think Telkom should be flushed down a toilet?

Anyone else like my article on Break-Up Cliche’s but is pretending not to?

Anyone else ever tried these little biscuits by Wicket Treats called Vanilla Kisses? It’s like heaven in your mouth I tell you. There’s something about the taste that takes me back to my childhood…I don’t know what it is.

Anyone else ever wonder how a taste of food can make you reminisce on your childhood?

Anyone else reminiscing on their childhood right now? How about now?

Anyone else get hit over the head with a wooden hammer at the infantile age of 6 months by their older brother?

Anyone else ever been 4 years old, minding their own business in the park, when a mole runs out of a hole, bites them on the ankle and runs back down the hole? They’re BLIND, they live UNDERGROUND! How does that happen?

Anyone else think it’s quiet time now…

(not so) Happy Monday people….

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