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Seafood Paella

Posted by lanktank on January 8, 2009

Mini Crisis at the LT and Fakeme apartment! The freezer froze over and we had to defrost it. By “we” I mean me. Someone had left the freezer door open (I say Fakeme, she says me) and the snowy powder ice had turned to full blown icicle ice, which was melting at a rapid rate. Basically all the food either needed to be cooked instantly or thrown away.

As I was in the defrosting process I separated all the food I knew was mine and all the food I presumed was Fakeme’s .Then I left for her a message to either throw her pile of food out or eat it. As Fakeme and I work at different times, a lot of our communication is made in the form of post-it notes or messages on the fridge.

When I got home later that night, from what I could see Fakeme had obviously received the message and sorted out all her food from the freezer, except for one item – The Seafood Paella packet. My assumption was she had obviously decided she would cook it when she got home.

The next day I woke up and in my daze, staggered towards the kitchen. As I walked in, I was blasted by the vilest, fishiest and most vomit worthy smell I have ever encountered. Let me assure you, at seven ‘o clock in the morning, this is not the way you want to start your, already predictably, shite day. Being half asleep and considering the possibility that I may actually be in an Ek&J factory, I ran to open the windows. As I grabbed a dish cloth to cover my nose and mouth, I looked up, and there it was…Seafood Paella packet… Read the rest of this entry »

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