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A game for the day

Posted by lanktank on March 27, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by GND

Enjoy this…

A little game to carry you through to the end of Friday.



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Friday at last

Posted by lanktank on February 20, 2009

Yes, it’s been one of those weeks. Those “Will this ever end? I thought there were only 5 working days to each week but I’m almost sure we’ve had 13 already…” weeks.

But the day has arrived. Friday is among us! And I’ve been waiting for this day just as long as Middle Earth did for Frodo to chuck that ring into that lava river in Mordor. (No need to point out that was a dork thing to say; it has been duly noted)

And this weekend, there is so much to do:

Stormers Vs. The Reds tonight – If we don’t win… no, I can’t even think that way. There need not be anymore unjust deaths…

Kappie’s Birthday – This can only end diabolical. The thing is when one goes out with Kappie, there’s always that touch of excitement but also fear… because you never quite know if you’ll make it to the next day… should be a fun night out.

M.O. (mother) wants me to teach her and Dee (father) how to use Skype – Considering it took me two hours in the “How to use a scanner” lesson, I’m taking water and a sleeping bag for this study session. They’ve also just bought a webcam… Christ.

Have a lekker naweek ek se…

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Learning how to act?

Posted by lanktank on February 6, 2009

James Franco: Funnier than I ever would have thought. I know he’s funny, I know he can do comedy, but I came across these videos on and I thought they were terrific…

Except that I can’t embed it on here…. shite… now I’ve built this whole thing up about how great these sketches are and bla bla bla and now I can’t even embed the MOFO videos in this entry….I’m embarrassed, really, ashamed. Don’t look at me! Don’t look at meeeee! I’m hideous!

But here’s a link if you want to try that route:




Anyway, they’re funny so if you’re in the mood for a little light hearted comedy on a boiling Friday afternoon, by all means…

Jesus it is hot today hey? My oh my, it’s like walking around in an oven. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel: Like a cheese puff pie… baking in the 220 degree oven…. I love cheese…

Sweet Lord I have no idea what I’m saying… apologies. It’s been a busy week but next week we’ll be back in action… I’m also delirious because of the heat… did I mention the heat? I could just re-read this and see for myself but that’s how much the heat is making me lazy.

Don’t even want to read my own shit. And that’s a marketing lesson right there: If I don’t believe in my product, who will?

Enjoy the weekend peeps…….. And don’t worry, Monday will be back soon enough. Oh God, that’s not a good note to end on.


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Friday people…Friday!

Posted by lanktank on November 28, 2008

And it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Jesus this has been a long week. I think it’s because the weather has been good. When the weather is good, you end up resenting (more than usual) the fact that you’re in the office.

There is nothing more painful than waiting for the time to pass… you will notice I have chosen to write this incredibly pointless and disappointing blog entry. I apologise to anyone reading this. I wish I could make it better or at least make it funny. Wouldn’t you like to read a funny blog entry? Something to pass the time, even if only for a minute. One sweet, blissful minute of non-stop smiling and laughter, maybe even a tear, something you can think back on and say, “Man, that was a goodie. That made the excruciating pain of Friday all worth it.”

Well, you’re not going to get it here, not today anyway. I’m too weak, too desperate, too longing for the end. I went to make some tea earlier. That always kills four and half minutes but they’ve changed the milk brand and the new one blows. So, yes, I wasted some time but got lousy tea in return and that just makes me sad. Can’t I catch a break?

What’s the time now… 16h02! Oh come on! I swear to God, the clock is going slowly on purpose. I’m counting, “One crocodile, two crocodile” and it’s going much quicker than this “computer” clock. OK, now it’s 16h09… I had written other lines during these last seven minutes but chose to delete them. One was about Me vs. Machines and the other was about energy in the morning. Neither was very good so I removed them. Although I’m telling you about it now and it’s not like this sentence is any more entertaining.

One thing happening this weekend is I’m off to a “celebrity” themed birthday party. The catch is you get told who to be on the invite. I’ve been asked to go as Courtney Love. Apparently my friend perceives me as a drunken crack whore. Probably not that far off…

Have a lekker naweek ek se!

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