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The Evolution of Man

Posted by Carl Schutte on September 16, 2009

I sort of felt that I had to share this one.

Outside my office we have a 24hr security desk. The guys work really long 10 hour shifts just sitting at that desk with very little to do.

So, the powers that be amongst the office thought of something nice we could do for them. Ideas were bounced around and we decided to put one of our old computers outside for them.

Something basic, without any internet connectivity, but running MS Office. The idea was that these guys could learn to use the computer and start using some basic office applications for their own benefit. So, we organised and the guys were over the moon.

They initially started playing around in Windows, then started using MS Office.

After that they got a bit bored of things, so they organised a few basic games.

Where previously I would arrive/leave and be greeted in a friendly manner, now they barely look away from the screen.

The guys working the long night shift also started watching the occasional movie. Hey, I don’t blame them – what else are you supposed to do at 03:00 in the morning?!

However, things have recently taken a turn for the worse. I’ve noticed that when I walk to the bathroom, the computer screen has been strategically turned so that nobody can see what they’re watching. Also, where they previously used the external speakers provided, they’re now using headphones. I’ve since learned that they are now in fact watching porn.

Amazing how an idea with such good intentions always ends in illegal porn.

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Anyone else? #?

Posted by lanktank on June 10, 2009

Anyone else know what number I’m on?

Anyone else wake up at 3am with what I think was a pinched nerve in my shoulder?

Anyone else remember that game where you fold the paper and write messages in the flaps of the corners? Then you move your hands and make people pick a flap, where you read a usually rude messge to them?

Anyone else remember ingle angle silver bangle?

Anyone else completely forget that next Tuesday is a public holiday, then get reminded by someone and scream WOOHOO with excitement?

Anyone else still using WOOHOO and not conformed to new “Whoop Whoop” as previously discussed in an earlier blog entry? WOOHOO ’til I die mofo’s!

Anyone else on their way out now to drink beer?


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