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Underrated films I’ve watched and think are underrated:

Posted by lanktank on July 28, 2009

One of my more creative titles I know.

Here are some films I think should have been given more praise than received. (Unless they were and I’m just under a rock):

Go – Awesome film. I’m not sure why this didn’t get the credit it deserved. I think it’s because it came out at the same time as like 4 other teen movies and just got slumped on the pile. Except this isn’t a teen movie. Not at all. And I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing Katie Holmes has ever been in. It’s funny, it’ll have you gripped and it’s one of those movies that’s shot from different people’s perspective… but not in a shit way.

Rounders – The movie about poker with Matt Damon and Edward Norton. I thought this was a great film. Great dialogue and cool poker game scenes. A solid viewing.

Bowfinger – Possibly the funniest movie I have seen both Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin in. The story is about a director who goes about making a movie with a really famous actor, except the actor isn’t aware he is in the film. There’s a scene when someone has to cross a highway… I remember almost peeing in my pants.

Rules of Attraction
– Based on a book and certainly not one to watch with the parents, Rules of Attraction is quite the graphic movie. Funnily enough, also shot from different perspectives of people and also starring an ex-Dawson’s Creek character which I consider their best role yet (James van der Beeck). This movie is really cool to watch. In the first 60 seconds you may feel like retching but that’s the worst it gets.

Death To Smoochy
– A black comedy about a host of a children’s television show getting fired for taking payola and decides to plot revenge against his replacement, a rhino named Smoochy. There were moments in this movie where I cried with laughter. Tears actually streamed down my face. I heard it tanked in the States (which I get) but it was gold. It had big names in it too: Danny DeVito, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener, Robin Williams (funniest he’s ever been) and Jon Stewart.

Ok, that’s five for now but there must be more. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime. That’s sounds very vague… like at the end of a date; “Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.” What does that mean? Will we do this again? Or are you ending this politely?”

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