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Posted by lanktank on March 17, 2009

I almost typed in the heading, “resluts” – it’s a tricky word to type ok.

So the resULts from our first “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” are in.

The Guy with the most votes…the one that wouldn’t be kicked out of bed the most is… Robert Pattinson with 50% of the vote. Ha! And I was told it was a risky bet… in actual fact, not. GND, your Josh Duhamel picture may have got us the most hits…but alas. I think it’s because he’s married, he loses the “attainable” factor. (No one is allowed to point out; “Oh! THAT’s the reason we couldn’t get him.”

But it doesn’t matter now, because the ladies love the vampires, we’re a strange species, I know.

Next poll for the Guy we wouldn’t kick out of bed goes up this week.

But the I’d Tap That for the guys is still running for another week so go to the Take Your Pick page and cas a vote. At the moment we’re on a three way split… so get voting. Who will it be…. A hot model with a big pair of…personality, the beautiful actress who can’t act, the smart, french PHD graduate or the pretty actress who can act slightly better than the other actress…. you decide!

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Josh Duhamel

Posted by lanktank on February 18, 2009

A GND pick

Ladies… gents, I have a treat for you today. Josh Duhamel is what I like to call “eye-candy”. I say this because I can’t go on anything else, such as his wit, intelligence, or acting skills (you’ll recognise him from Transformers, Win a date with Tad Hamilton! and the series Las Vegas).


Fergie’s right – Big Girls Don’t Cry… when you’ve got a guy like this next to you…. On you… Mmmmm.

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