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Because I like it

Posted by lanktank on November 12, 2008

Look at this picture The DMeister did. I put it up because I like it.

The words… Depending on what your current life status is, can be seen as either a quiet relief or super, super depressing.

I’m still undecided.

everything ends

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Taking one day at a time…

Posted by lanktank on November 11, 2008

C-Dawg is my daily G-Talk adversary… If one of us is having a crappy day, we like to make sure the other is too.

C-Dawg: Is it possible that my life has hit rock bottom when I stare at G-talk, just hoping for anybody to email me something… I fear we may have covered this ground b4

Me: Yes, but I think it was me having this breakdown to you. Im glad the coin has flipped. Welcome

C-Dawg: it’s depressing. I just sit & stare at the damn thing, wait for that email number to clock over

but it never does

or it does, but it’s some BS advertising or subscription

Me: I know….or some Superwall post from facebook that you’re never going to check anyway

C-Dawg: well, luckily I don’t have the facebook problem, but I hear ya.

Man, my life feels pretty empty right about now

i need a biscuit or something to cheer me up

Me: i just had a hot cross bun

little bit of butter on it…it was the high-light of my day

C-Dawg: now that wld be exciting

Me: it was….although im still hungry and all I have left is an apple

C-Dawg: well, i just wanted to moan about email

C-Dawg: i’m gonna get back to staring at that little icon

chat soon no doubt

Me: laters

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