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Remember The Classics – It’s Manhattan Time

Posted by lanktank on March 10, 2009

OK, it was kind of a lame Ad, but it has stuck with me throughout the years. I can’t remember the whole thing but enough to remember that this was a promotion for Manhattan sweets.

Come on, I’m sure you remember:

It was a montage of children playing together and eating the various range of Manhattan sweets that they had to offer. I remember the beginning, I’m sure you do too…

“Check the time out, on your wrist” – Little kid has the sweetie watch on his arm and rips it off with his teeth… smiling.

“Manhattan, Manhattan twist”

“Make that worm squirm… something, something”

“Something about a dummy…”

And the best part: A kid holds up two little foot sweets, just as the lyrics go:

“Now eat your feet!!!” – And he gobbles them up!

Song continues for a while… before the closer: “It’s Manhattan Ti-hime!”

I loved that song; it made me chuckle inside. Obviously not enough to remember the whole thing but you get my point.

A classic? I feel it is.

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